Margaret of Scotland (1424–1445)

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Margaret of Scotland (1424–1445)

Scottish poet . Name variations: Margaret Stuart or Stewart; Marguerite d'Écosse. Born in Scotland on December 25, 1424; died in Chalons, Champagne, France, on August 16, 1445; eldest daughter of James I, king of Scotland (r. 1406–1437), and Joan Beaufort (c. 1410–1445); married Louis XI (1423–1483), king of France (r. 1461–1483), on June 24, 1436; no children.

In 1436, at age 13, Louis XI (then the dauphin) married the charming Scottish princess and poet Margaret of Scotland, daughter of James I, king of Scotland, and Joan Beaufort . It is said that her marriage to Louis was so wretched that when she died at age 22, her parting words were: "Oh! fie on life! Speak to me no more of it." Louis later married Charlotte of Savoy (c. 1442–1515), who became the mother of Anne of Beaujeu (c. 1460–1522).

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