Margaret of Attenduli (1375–?)

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Margaret of Attenduli (1375–?)

Italian military leader . Name variations: Margherita Sforza; Margaret of Attendolo; Margaret Attenduli. Born in 1375 in Italy; date of death unknown; daughter of Romagna peasants; sister of Muzio Attenduli or Attendolo (c. 1369–1424), the founder of Italy's famous Sforza family.

An aggressive politician and military leader, Margaret of Attenduli was an Italian noble-woman and sister of Muzio Attenduli, founder of the powerful Sforza family and later constable under Joanna II of Naples . Muzio was also leader of the condottieri for Pope Martin V. Margaret of Attenduli was brought up in great wealth and was quite well educated, learning, among other skills, the art of warfare. She played an important role in her family's political games. Once, for example, an Italian prince kidnapped Margaret's brother and demanded a large ransom. Margaret was left in defense of Tricarico while her brother was imprisoned in Naples. When the enemy demanded the surrender of Tricarico, she met them dressed in armor with sword in hand, and took the envoys hostage. She was thus able to obtain her brother's release. Little else is known about Margaret of Attenduli's life.

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