Eleanor d'Arborea (c. 1360–c. 1404)

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Eleanor d'Arborea (c. 1360–c. 1404)

Ruler of Sardinia who created the Carta de Logu. Name variations: Eleanora of Arborea; Eleanor di Arborea; Leonora. Born around 1360 in Arborea (on Sardinia); died around 1404 on Sardinia; daughter of Mariano IV (ruler of Sardinia); married Brancoleone de Oria (a Spanish noble); children: unknown.

Eleanor was born into the ruling house of Sardinia, a large island located west of Italy which was claimed by Aragon as part of its kingdom. She married Brancoleone de Oria, a Spanish noble. Eleanor's brother Ugono succeeded their father, but he ruled during a time of civic strife and economic hardship; discontented Sardinian citizens rebelled against the childless Ugono in 1383 and killed him. Eleanor ascended the throne and through her leadership managed to put down the revolt and began to restore peace. When an Aragonese army led by Alphonso IV invaded Sardinia, hoping to secure its submission to Aragonese rule by force during this period of internal struggle, Eleanor proved herself a capable military ruler once more. Galvanizing her troops to defend their island against the foreigners, she at last defeated Alphonso's army and drove it from Sardinia.

Eleanor established peace once again and reigned for another 20 years. Among other accomplishments, she restored economic prosperity. Her most lasting achievement by far, however, was the creation of a complete code of law, the Carta de Logu, which was adopted in 1421. This legal code remained in effect until the 18th century.

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Eleanor d'Arborea (c. 1360–c. 1404)

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