Buffet, Marguerite (d. 1680)

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Buffet, Marguerite (d. 1680)

French grammarian. Born in France; died in France in 1680; never married; no children.

Little is known about Marguerite Buffet's family background and childhood. She was an exceptionally well-educated woman of the French aristocracy, who produced written works outlining French grammar and other aspects of the language. Her only surviving work is New Observations on the French Language (published 1668), a work specifically designed by the author to instruct women in the skills of rhetoric and writing. Buffet believed that it was important for women to understand the structure of language and be able to use language effectively. She also advocated scholarship by women on other topics, and wrote that she hoped her own writings would inspire women to study.


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Buffet, Marguerite (d. 1680)

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