Borgström, Hilda (1871–1953)

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Borgström, Hilda (1871–1953)

Swedish actress. Name variations: Borgstrom. Born on October 13, 1871, in Stockholm, Sweden; died in1953; studied drama and ballet at Stockholm's Royal Dramatic Theater.

Films include:

A Summer Tale (1912); A Secret Marriage (1912); Lady Marion's Summer Flirtation (1913); Ingeborg Holm (Give Us This Day, 1913); Do Not Judge (1914); Brandsoldaten (1916); Fru Kristina (1917); Caroline Redivinaa (1920); The Phantom Carriage (Thy Soul Shall Bear Witness, 1921); Flight From Paradise (1924); The Lady of the Camelias (1925); Giftas (1926); Adalens Poesi (1928); Värmlänningarna (1932); The Andersson Family (1937); A Woman's Face (1938); Bastard (1940); A Crime (1940); The Fight Goes On (1941); Dangerous Roads (1942); Flames in the Dark (1942); Ride Tonight! (1942); Women in Prison (1943); I Killed (1943); A Day Shall Dawn (1944); Appassionata (1944); The Invisible Wall (1944); The Emperor of Portugal (1944); Royal Rabble (1945); Mandragora (1945); Desire (1946); Music in Darkness (Night Is My Future, 1948); Banquet (1948); Eva (1948); The Girl From the Gallery (1949).

Hilda Borgström, one of Sweden's most admired silent-screen actresses, trained for the ballet as a child. Appearing on the stage while still a teenager, she became a leading lady even before her screen debut in 1912. Borgström appeared in the films of Victor Sjöström and other great directors of the silent era. She went on to play supporting roles in countless talkies throughout the 1940s, including an early film directed by Ingmar Bergman.

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