Blanche of Rossi (d. 1237)

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Blanche of Rossi (d. 1237)

Italian noblewoman and soldier. Born in Rossi, Italy; died in 1237 in Ezzelino, Italy; married Battista of Padua.

Blanche of Rossi was a participant in the Italian war between two powerful political factions, the Ghibellines and the Guelfs. The wife of Battista of Padua, she fought alongside her husband to protect the town of Ezzelino in 1237. Battista was killed in the battle and the town's defenses collapsed. Apparently, the leader of the conquering army demanded that the townspeople turn Blanche over to him, but Blanche chose suicide over such dishonor.

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Blanche of Rossi (d. 1237)

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