Anckarsvard, Karin (1915–1969)

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Anckarsvard, Karin (1915–1969)

Swedish author of 14 books for children, all translated from Swedish to English. Pronunciation: Ank-er-sord. Born Karin Inez Maria Olson on August 10, 1915, in Stockholm, Sweden; died on January 16, 1969; daughter of Oscar Emil (a doctor) and Iris (Forssling) Olson; married Carl M. Cosswa Anckarsvard, on January 20, 1940; children: Marie Christine, Marie Cecile, Marie Madeleine, Mikael, Carl Henrik.

Selected works:

Bonifacius den groene (Bonifacius the Green, 1952); Aunt Vinnie's Invasion (1962); Aunt Vinnie's Victorious Six (1964).

Though she began writing as a child and had her first story published when she was just eight years old, Karin Anckarsvard experienced most of her success late in life. She was born in Stockholm on August 10, 1915, the daughter of a medical doctor, and educated largely in Sweden, except for a brief turn at Oxford University from 1934 to 1935. On her return from Oxford, she took a secretarial position, which she held until her marriage in 1940, at age 24, to Carl Anckarsvard. Following the births of their five children, she began writing for young people in her native Swedish. The first of her books, Bonifacius the Green, was translated from Swedish to English by her husband. Thirteen others followed, including the "Aunt Vinnie" series, written for young girls. Anckarsvard was also a journalist, contributing to Sweden's daily newspaper Expressea. She died in 1969, age 54.

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