Sexton, Elsie Wilkins (1868–1959)

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Sexton, Elsie Wilkins (1868–1959)

English zoologist and artist. Name variations: E. W. Sexton; Alice Sexton. Born Alice Wilkins Wing, April 27, 1868; died Feb 18, 1959; studied at Cornwall's Truro School of Art; m. Louis E. Sexton (dentist).

Based in Plymouth at the Marine Biological Association, was invited to illustrate worms and other invertebrates for Dr. J. E. Allen's publications; published her 1st illustrations (1902); identified shrimps (amphipods) from Allen's collecting cruise in the Bay of Biscay (1906); published a popular study on the life history and genetics research of a shrimp species (G. chevreuxi, 1924); served as a director's research assistant and as a zoologist at Plymouth Marine Laboratory (1924–48); pursued genetic work until 1936; was a fellow of Linnean Society for 43 years.

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