Sexton, George

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Sexton, George

British secularist teacher of the nineteenth century. Robert Owen invited his attention to the phenomena of Spiritualism. After a crusade against its doctrines, personal experiences with the Davenport Brothers convinced Sexton of their genuine validity. Continuing his experiments, he finally ended by accepting Spiritualism and proclaimed its truth in lectures with the same outspokenness with which he formerly fought against it. He denounced the pretensions of conjurers who claimed to have exposed Spiritualism and, pointing out the difference in condition and effect, he actually performed sham spiritual manifestations before his audience.

Sexton authored one pamphlet, a transcript of a lecture: Scientific Materialism Calmly Considered; A Reply to Prof. Tyndall's Belfast Address (1874). He also served as editor of the Spiritual Magazine and became a member of the British National Association of Spiritualists.

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