Scidmore, Eliza Ruhamah (1856–1928)

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Scidmore, Eliza Ruhamah (1856–1928)

American travel writer. Born Oct 14, 1856, in Madison, WI; died Nov 3, 1928, in Geneva, Switzerland.

Studied at Oberlin College; moved to Washington, DC, and began writing articles for newspapers; traveled to Alaska, Japan, India, and elsewhere; served in various positions at National Geographic Society and contributed articles to the magazine; was secretary to Oriental Congress in Rome (1897) and delegate to Oriental Congress in Hamburg (1902); works include Alaska, Its Southern Coast and the Sitkan Archipelago (1885), Jinrikisha Days in Japan (1891), Appleton's Guide-Book to Alaska and the Northwest Coast (1893), Java, the Garden of the East (1897), China, the Long-Lived Empire (1900), Winter India (1903) and As the Hague Ordains (1907); contributed to Harper's Weekly and World Today.

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