Marniè re, Jeanne (1854–1910)

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Marniè re, Jeanne (1854–1910)

French novelist and playwright. Name variations: Jeanne Marniere; (pseudonym) Jeanne Marni. Born1854 in France; died 1910; married (husband died 1858).

Began career as an actress; early work appeared in journals and was subsequently published in volume form by Ollendorf; often focused on lack of independence of French women; writings include La Femme de Silva (1887), L'Amour coupable (1889), Comment elles se donnent (1895), Les Enfants qu'elles ont (1897), Celles qu'on ignore (1899), Pierre Tisserand (1907) and Souffrir (1909); was on the first jury of the Prix Femina.

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