Maria Isabel of Portugal (1797–1818)

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Maria Isabel of Portugal (1797–1818)

Portuguese princess. Name variations: Marie-Isabel Braganza; Isabella of Portugal. Born May 19, 1797, at Queluz; died Dec 26, 1818, in Madrid; dau. of Carlota Joaquina (1775–1830) and John VI (1767–1826), king of Portugal (r. 1816–1826); became 2nd wife of Fernando or Ferdinand VII (1784–1833), king of Spain (r. 1813–1833), Sept 29, 1816; sister of Peter or Pedro IV, king of Portugal, and Michael I, king of Portugal.

Ferdinand VII's 1st wife was Maria Antonia of Naples (1784–1806); his 3rd was Maria Josepha of Saxony (1803–1829); his 4th was Maria Cristina I of Naples (1806–1878).

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