Maria of Castile (1482–1517)

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Maria of Castile (1482–1517)

Queen of Portugal. Name variations: Maria of Castile or Marie of Castile; Mary Trastamara. Born June 29, 1482, in Cordoba; died Mar 7, 1517, in Lisbon; dau. of Ferdinand II, king of Aragon, and Isabella I (1451–1504), queen of Castile (r. 1468–1504); became 2nd wife of Miguel also known as Manuel I the Fortunate (1469–1521), king of Portugal (r. 1495–1521), on Oct 30, 1500; children: Luiz (1506–1555), duke of Beja; Isabella of Portugal (1503–1539); Beatrice of Portugal (1504–1538, who m. Charles II of Savoy); Fernando (1507–1534), duke of Guarda; Alfonso (1509–1540), archbishop of Lisbon; Enrique or Henry (1512–1580), cardinal of Portugal; Duarte (b. 1515, who m. Isabella of Braganza); Joao also known as John III, king of Portugal (r. 1521–1557, who m. Catherine [1507–1578], sister of Charles V); Maria (1513–1513); Antonio (1516–1516).

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