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Macpherson, Jay (1931–)

Canadian poet. Name variations: Jean Jay Macpherson. Born June 13, 1931, in London, England; attended University College, London, McGill University, and University of Toronto.

Taught English at Victoria College, University of Toronto (1957–96); works, which often explore religious and philosophical themes, include Nineteen Poems (1952), O Earth Return (1954), The Boatman (1957), Welcoming Disaster (1974), and Poems Twice Told: The Boatman and Welcoming Disaster (1981); also published Four Ages of Man: The Classical Myths (1962) and The Spirit of Solitude: Conventions and Continuity in Late Romance (1982); did illustrations for PoemsTwice Told. Won Governor General's Award for The Boatman.

See also Lorraine Weir, Jay Macpherson and Her Works (ECW Press, 1989–90).

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Macpherson, Jay (1931–)

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