Fullam, Augusta Fairfield (1876–1914)

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Fullam, Augusta Fairfield (1876–1914)

English murderer. Born 1876; died May 29, 1914; m. Edward Fullam; children: (with Henry Lovell William Clark) at least 1.

Wife of a military accounts examiner in Agra, India, conspired with lover Dr. Henry Lovell William Clark to murder her husband and Clark's wife; failed to kill husband with arsenic, so Clark murdered him with gelsemine (Oct 19, 1911); with Clark, hired assassins to murder his wife (Nov 17, 1912); turned King's Evidence and was found guilty along with Clark of both killings; sentenced to life in prison, where she gave birth to Clark's child; died in her cell of a heatstroke (Clark was executed, Mar 26, 1913).

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