Full Speed

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Full Speed ★★ A Toute Vitesse 1996

Quentin (Cervo) has published a semi-autobiographical novel about disenfranchised youth that's based on his friends from a Lyon housing project, including drug-dealing DJ, Jimmy (Rideau). Although he has a girlfriend, Julie (Bouchez), Quentin flirts with Algerian-born Samir (Bardadi) in order to learn about Samir's murdered boyfriend, so he can use the story in his writing. Julie, meanwhile, becomes involved with the charismatic Jimmy when Quentin decides to go to Paris. There are several melodramatic twists in Morel's feature debut about live-for-today youth and racial tensions. French with subtitles. 84m/C VHS . FR Pascal Cervo, Stephane Rideau, Elodie Bouchez, Meziane Bardadi; D: Gael Morel; W: Gael Morel, Catherine Corsini; C: Jeanne Lapoirie.