Bohley, Bärbel (1945–)

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Bohley, Bärbel (1945–)

German political activist. Born in Berlin, Germany, May 24, 1945.

Known as the "Mother of the Revolution," was arrested and imprisoned on several occasions as a leading member of the East German opposition (1980s); was also appraised by the Stasi (secret police) in her file as the "mother of the underground"; was instrumental in the founding of the New Forum organization which focused the grievances of the population against the Communist regime of Erich Honecker (Sept 1989); believing that a radically reformed GDR could survive as an independent state, opposed German unification (though her organization New Forum played a major role in transforming East Germany [1989], it virtually disappeared in the 1st free elections [Mar 1990]); withdrew from politics with the achievement of German unity.

See also Women in World History.

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