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sherbet •peart •immediate, intermediate •idiot •collegiate, intercollegiate •orgeat • Eliot • affiliate •foliate, trifoliate •aculeate, Juliet •Uniate • opiate •chariot, Harriet, Judas Iscariot, lariat, Marryat •compatriot, expatriate, patriot •heriot, Herriot •commissariat, lumpenproletariat, proletariat, salariat, secretariat, vicariate •inebriate • Cypriot •baccalaureate, laureate, professoriate •appropriate • licentiate • satiate •initiate, novitiate, patriciate •associate • cruciate • Cheviot • soviet •roseate •Byatt, diet, quiet, riot, ryot, Wyatt •inchoate •Ewart, Stewart •Verwoerd •graduate, undergraduate •attenuate • situate •abbot, Cabot •Albert • lambert • Egbert • Delbert •filbert, Gilbert •halibut • celibate • Robert • Osbert •Norbert •Hubert, Schubert •Humbert • Cuthbert •burbot, Herbert, sherbet, turbot •Frankfort • effort • comfort

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sher·bet / ˈshərbit/ • n. a frozen dessert made with fruit juice added to milk or cream, egg white, or gelatin. ∎  a frozen fruit juice and sugar mixture served as a dessert or between courses of a meal to cleanse the palate. ∎  (esp. in Arab countries) a cooling drink of sweet diluted fruit juices. ∎ Brit. a flavored sweet effervescent powder eaten alone or made into a drink.

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1. Arabic name for water‐ice (sugar, water, and flavouring), also known by French name, sorbet, and the Italian name, granita. Used to be served between courses during a meal to refresh the palate.

2. Originally a Middle‐Eastern drink made from fruit juice, often chilled with snow. Modern version is made with bicarbonate of soda and tartaric acid (to fizz) with sugar and flavours. Sherbet powder is the same mixture in dry form.

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sherbet Oriental drink XVII; preparation in powder form for making an effervescing drink XIX. — Turk. şerbet, Pers. šarbat — Arab. šarāb, f. šariba vb. drink.

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