maître dhôtel

views updated May 29 2018

maî·tre d'hô·tel / ˌmātrə dōˈtel; ˌmetrə/ (also maî·tre d' / ˌmātrə ˈdē; ˌmātər/ ) • n. (pl. maî·tres d'hô·tel pronunc. same; also maître d's) the person in a restaurant who oversees the waitpersons and busboys, and who typically handles reservations. ∎  the manager of a hotel.

maître dhôtel

views updated May 14 2018

maître d'hôtel
1. Simply prepared dishes garnished with butter creamed with parsley and lemon juice (maître d'hôtel butter); literally ‘in the style of the chief steward’.

2. Especially in the USA, the head waiter.