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Lycoperdales (class Gasteromycetes) An order of (typically) terrestrial fungi in which the mature fruit body occurs above ground although its development may begin below ground. The fruit body is typically more or less spherical. The spores are contained within a peridium which is usually composed of at least 2 layers: the exoperidium and endoperidium. There are many genera. The order includes the puffballs and earth stars.


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Lycoperdon (order Lycoperdales) A genus of fungi in which the fruit bodies typically grow on the ground (L. pyriforme grows on rotten wood). The exoperidium is spiny or scaly; the endoperidium opens by a regular pore at the apex through which the spores escape. See also CALVATIA.


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puffballs Edible wild fungi; mosaic puffball Calvatia (Lycoperdon) caelata, and giant puffball C. gigantea (may grow to 30 cm in diameter), normally eaten while still relatively small and fleshy. Much prized for their delicate flavour. See mushrooms.