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Watersports is a slang term for sexual play with urine. Activities can include urination on or in front of a partner, wetting one's clothes (either in public or private), and drinking urine. Often referred to as golden showers, the practice is more technically known as urolagnia or urophilia. Watersports is practiced by fetishists, by those involved in domination and submission, and by couples who find that it increases emotional intimacy and sexual satisfaction.

Sexual excitement induced by the idea of or participation in watersports has both psychological and physical roots. The ache of a full bladder can enhance sexual pleasure, and, for some women, urinating at the height of pleasure can cause or intensify orgasm. Many men and women find that the sensation of a warm steam of urine on their genitals causes immediate orgasm. For some couples, participation in urine play also enhances intimacy.

Although urine itself is relatively sterile, watersports nonetheless violates a primary social taboo establishing certain bodily fluids and excretions as unhygienic. (It should be noted, however, that the cleanliness of urine does not guarantee the prevention of sexually transmitted disease or other infections.) The violation of such a taboo can itself cause sexual excitement, often coupled with shame. For some, this balance of shame and excitement is a primary attraction of watersports. For dominants and submissives, the humiliation of public urination, of urination in sexually stimulating places or positions, of wetting oneself, of drinking urine, or of holding own's urine to the point of discomfort can provide an opportunity for erotic power exchange.


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                                        Maureen Lauder