Waters, John F(rederick)

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WATERS, John F(rederick)

WATERS, John F(rederick). American, b. 1930. Genres: Mystery/Crime/ Suspense, Children's fiction, Biology, Children's non-fiction, Natural history, Essays, Picture/board books. Career: Cape Cod Standard Times, Massachusetts, reporter, 1959-60; teacher, elementary sch., Falmouth, Massachusetts, 1960-66. Publications: Marine Animal Collectors, 1970; Salt- marshes and Shifting Dunes, 1970; The Crab from Yesterday, 1970; What Does an Oceanographer Do?, 1970; Turtles, 1971; Neighborhood Puddle, 1971; The Royal Potwasher, 1972; Green Turtle Mysteries, 1972; Some Mammals Live in the Sea, 1972; The Mysterious Eel, 1973; Giant Sea Creatures, 1973; Seal Harbor, 1973; Hungry Sharks, 1973; Camels, Ships of the Desert, 1974; Exploring New England Shores, 1974; Creatures of Darkness, 1974; Carnivorous Plants, 1974; Hungry Sharks, 1974; Victory Chimes, 1975; Continental Shelves, 1975; Martime Careers, 1977; Fishing, 1978; Summer of the Seals, 1978; A Jellyfish Is Not a Fish, 1979; Crime Labs, 1979; The Hatchlings, 1979; Flood, 1991; Watching Whales, 1991; Deep-Sea Vents: Living Worlds without Sun, 1994; Night Raiders on the Cape, 1997. Address: 64 Meadowbrook Rd, North Chatham, MA 02650-1145, U.S.A. Online address: [email protected]