Sedgwick, Catharine Maria: Principal Works

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Mary Hollis: An Original Tale (novel) 1822

A New England Tale; or, Sketches of New England Character and Manners (novel) 1822; revised as A New England Tale, and Miscellanies 1852

Redwood: A Tale 2 vols. (novel) 1824

Hope Leslie; or, Early Times in the Massachusetts (novel) 1827

Clarence; or, A Tale of Our Own Times (novel) 1830

Home (novel) 1835

The Linwoods; or, "Sixty Years Since" in America (novel) 1835

Tales and Sketches 2 vols. (short stories) 1835-44

The Poor Rich Man, and the Rich Poor Man (novel) 1836

Live and Let Live; or, Domestic Service Illustrated (novel) 1837

Means and Ends; or, Self-Training (essays) 1839

Letters from Abroad to Kindred at Home (letters) 1841

Married or Single? (novel) 1857

Life and Letters of Catharine M. Sedgwick (unfinished autobiography and letters) 1871; revised as The Power of Her Sympathy: The Autobiography and Journal of Catharine Maria Sedgwick [edited by Mary Kelly] 1993

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Sedgwick, Catharine Maria: Principal Works

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