Head, Bessie: Further Reading

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Collection of essays that explore Head's personal life, politics, and spirituality.

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Covers Head's life and development as a writer, with information on her travels abroad.


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Analyzes budding African feminist concerns in novels by Buchi Emecheta and Head.

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Explores the relation of living in exile to the search for identity and, ultimately, to madness in Wide Sargasso Sea and A Question of Power.

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Posits that women of third-world countries are inherently subversive, examining Head's works in this context.

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Collection of essays representing the most recent scholarship on Head.

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Thematic analysis of each of Head's works, including those published posthumously.

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Explores Maru to find evidence of Head's political philosophy as it appears in her fiction.

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Examines Head's celebration of the life of the individual woman in her novels.

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Argues that Head, despite her unusual parentage and lack of family history, was not constrained in her writing by her sense of "otherness" in male-dominated black African society.

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Explores Head's use of the genre of tragedy in A Question of Power, specifically as it relates to African women's suffering.


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