H. D.: Principal Works

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Sea Garden (poetry) 1916

Hymen (poetry) 1921

Heliodora and Other Poems (poetry) 1924

Collected Poems of H. D. (poetry) 1925

Palimpsest (novel) 1926

Hedylus (novel) 1928

Red Roses for Bronze (poetry) 1931

Kora and Ka (novel) 1934

The Walls Do Not Fall (poetry) 1944

Tribute to the Angels (poetry) 1945

The Flowering of the Rod (poetry) 1946

By Avon River (poetry and prose) 1949

Tribute to Freud (memoir) 1956

Selected Poems of H. D. (poetry) 1957

Bid Me to Live (A Madrigal) (novel) 1960

Helen in Egypt (poetry and prose) 1961

* Hermetic Definition (poetry) 1972

Trilogy: The Walls Do Not Fall, Tribute to Angels, The Flowering of the Rod (poetry) 1973

End to Torment: A Memoir of Ezra Pound (memoir) 1979

HERmione (memoir) 1981

The Gift (memoir) 1982

* This work includes the long poems Winter Love, Sagesse, and Vale Ave.

† This work includes "Hilda's Book," a collection of poems by Ezra Pound.