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trot / trät/ • v. (trot·ted , trot·ting ) (of a horse or other quadruped) proceed at a pace faster than a walk, lifting each diagonal pair of legs alternately. ∎  [tr.] cause (a horse) to move at such a pace: he trotted his horse forward. ∎  [intr.] (of a person) run at a moderate pace, typically with short steps. ∎  [intr.] inf. go or walk briskly: he trotted over to the bonfire. • n. 1. a trotting pace: our horses slowed to a trot. 2. (the trots) inf. diarrhea: a bad case of the trots. 3. inf. a literal translation of a foreign language text for use by students, esp. in a surreptitious way: adult readers who can turn to translations without being penalized for depending on trots. PHRASES: on the trot inf. continually busy: I've been on the trot all day. PHRASAL VERBS: trot something out 1. inf. produce the same information, story, or explanation that has been produced many times before: everyone trots out the old excuse. 2. cause a horse to trot to show its paces.

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trotallot, begot, Bernadotte, blot, bot, capot, clot, cocotte, cot, culotte, dot, forgot, garrotte (US garrote), gavotte, got, grot, hot, jot, knot, lot, Mayotte, motte, not, Ott, outshot, plot, pot, rot, sans-culotte, Scot, Scott, shallot, shot, slot, snot, sot, spot, squat, stot, swat, swot, tot, trot, twat, undershot, Wat, Watt, what, wot, yacht •robot • hotshot • peridot • microdot •Wyandot • polka dot • fylfot • mascot •Caldecott • carrycot • apricot •boycott • dovecote • sandlot • melilot •polyglot • Camelot • ocelot •monoglot • sub-plot • Lancelot •cachalot • counterplot • Wilmot •guillemot • motmot • bergamot

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trot gait of a quadruped between walking and running. XIII. — (O)F., f. troter (mod. trotter), whence trot vb. XIV; Rom. *trottāre, of Gmc. orig.; cf. OHG. trottōn (G. trotten), intensive f. base of tretan step, walk, TREAD.
Hence trotter (-ER1) trotting horse XIV; (pl.) feet of a quadruped, esp. used for food (?XIV) XVI.

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