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coach1 / ch/ • n. 1. a horse-drawn carriage, esp. a closed one.2. a railroad car. ∎  [as adj.] denoting economy class seating in an aircraft or train: the cheapest coach-class fare.3. a bus, esp. one that is comfortably equipped and used for longer journeys. [as adj.] • v. [intr.] travel by coach: they coached to Claude's dwelling.• adv. in economy class accommodations in an aircraft or train: flying coach.coach2 • n. an athletic instructor or trainer. ∎  a tutor who gives private or specialized teaching.• v. [tr.] train or instruct (a team or player). ∎  give (someone) extra or private teaching: he was coached to speak more slowly and curb his hand gestures. ∎  teach (a subject or sport) as a coach. ∎  prompt or urge (someone) with instructions: he had improperly coached the witness to testify more credibly.


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coach large carriage XVI; private tutor (orig. university sl.), instructor in sport and athletics XIX. — F. coche. A common European word since XVI, e.g. G. kutsche, Du. koets, Sp., Pg. coche, It. cocchio, Pol. kocz; ult. — Hungarian kocsi, adj. f. Kocs name of a town near Raab in Hungary.


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Coach ★½ 1978 (PG)

Sexy woman is unintentionally hired to coach a high school basketball team and mold rookies into lusty young champions. Lowgrade roundball fever. 100m/C VHS, DVD . Cathy Lee Crosby, Michael Biehn, Keenan Wynn, Sidney Wicks; D: Bud Townsend.