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backboard •scratchboard •backboard, blackboard •gangboard • clapboard • dashboard •cardboard, hardboard •draughtboard • bargeboard •dartboard •breadboard, headboard •pegboard (US Peg-board) •chessboard • fretboard •sailboard, tailboard •drainboard •baseboard, pasteboard •skateboard •freeboard, keyboard, seaboard •cheeseboard • switchboard •billboard •springboard, stringboard •chipboard, clipboard, shipboard •running board • storyboard •noticeboard • diving board •sandwich board • sideboard •signboard • whiteboard • washboard •floorboard, scoreboard, strawboard •chalkboard • soundboard • outboard •snowboard •mouldboard (US moldboard) •buckboard, duckboard •shuffleboard • shovelboard •fibreboard (US fiberboard) •smorgasbord •chequerboard (US checkerboard) •clapperboard • scraperboard •plasterboard •centreboard (US centerboard) •mortar board • weatherboard •motherboard • surfboard

views updated

back·board / ˈbakˌbôrd/ • n. a board placed at or forming the back of something, such as a collage or piece of electronic equipment. ∎  Basketball an upright board behind the basket, off which the ball may rebound. ∎  a board used to support or straighten a person's back, esp. after an accident.