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a·head / əˈhed/ • adv. further forward in space; in the line of one's forward motion. ∎  further forward in time; in advance; in the near future: to plan ahead. ∎ onward so as to make progress. ∎  in the lead: the Bucks were ahead by four. ∎  higher in number, amount, or value than previously: profits were slightly ahead.PHRASES: ahead of in front of or before: she walked ahead of him along the corridor ∎  in store for; awaiting: we have a long drive ahead of us. ∎  earlier than planned or expected: elimination of trade barriers came five years ahead of schedule.ahead of one's (or its) time innovative and radical.


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ahead (orig. naut.) XVII. Earlier †on head (XVI); f. A-1 + HEAD.

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