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a·drift / əˈdrift/ • adj. & adv. (of a boat or its passengers) floating without being either moored or steered: [as adv.] a cargo ship went adrift | [as adj.] the seamen are adrift in lifeboats. ∎ fig. (of a person) without purpose or guidance; lost and confused: [as adj.] he was adrift in a strange country | [as adv.] they were cast adrift in a sea of events.


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Adrift ★★½ 1993

Yet another couple-in-terror-from-psychos-on-the-high-seas flick. Katie and Guy Nast (Jackson and Welsh) are on an anniversary sailing adventure intended to shore up their shaky marriage. They discover a boat adrift with two survivors (Greenwood and Rowan) who have a suspicious story but they help them nonetheless. Big mistake. 92m/C VHS . Kate Jackson, Kenneth Welsh, Bruce Greenwood, Kelly Rowan; D: Christian Duguay. TV


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adrift XVII. f. A-1 + DRIFT.