Adshead, S(amuel) A(drian) M(iles)

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ADSHEAD, S(amuel) A(drian) M(iles)

ADSHEAD, S(amuel) A(drian) M(iles). New Zealander. Genres: History. Publications: Debate on China, 1969; The Modernization of the Chinese Salt Administration, 19001920, 1970; The End of the Chinese Empire, 1973; Province and Politics in Late Imperial China: Viceregal Government in Szechwan, 1898-1911, 1984; China in World History, 1988; Salt and Civilization, 1992; Central Asia in World History, 1993; Material Culture in Europe and China, 1400-1800: The Rise of Consumerism, 1997. Address: History Department, University of Canterbury, Private Bag 4800, Christchurch 8020, New Zealand.