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turn·a·round / ˈtərnəˌround/ • n. 1. an abrupt or unexpected change, esp. one that results in a more favorable situation: it was a remarkable turnaround in his fortunes. 2. the process of completing or the time needed to complete a task, esp. one involving receiving something, processing it, and sending it out again: a seven-day turnaround. ∎  the process of or time taken for unloading and reloading a ship, aircraft, or vehicle. 3. a space for vehicles to turn around in, esp. one at the end of a driveway or dead end street.

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turnaroundabound, aground, around, astound, bound, compound, confound, dumbfound, expound, found, ground, hound, impound, interwound, mound, pound, profound, propound, redound, round, sound, stoneground, surround, theatre-in-the-round (US theater-in-the-round), underground, wound •spellbound • westbound • casebound •eastbound • windbound • hidebound •fogbound • stormbound •northbound • housebound •outbound • southbound • snowbound •weatherbound • earthbound •hellhound • greyhound • foxhound •newshound • wolfhound •bloodhound • background •battleground • campground •fairground • playground •whip-round • foreground •showground • merry-go-round •runaround • turnaround • ultrasound •pre-owned, unowned •unchaperoned • poind • untuned •Lund

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Turnaround 1987 (R)

Unusual action/ suspense film set in a small town. Relentless gang rampages the citizens. Finally, a man decides he's had enough, and turns on the heathens with his knowledge of magic. 97m/C VHS . Doug McKeon, Tim Maier, Eddie Albert, Gayle Hunnicutt; D: Ola Solum.

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