Turkow, Marc

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TURKOW, MARC (1904–1983), journalist and writer in Yiddish and Spanish. He was born in Warsaw, Poland, where he was a journalist and started his public career. Turkow settled in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1930. From 1946 he headed the bureau of hias. From 1954 he was the representative of the World Jewish Congress for Latin America. One of his contributions to Jewish culture in Spanish in Argentina was the publication of dozens of booklets on distinguished Jewish intellectuals and spiritual leaders under the name Biblioteca Popular Judía (Jewish Popular Library). The Centro de Documentación e Información sobre Judaísmo Argentino (Documentation and Information Center on Argentinean Jewry), established in 1983 under the auspices of amia – the Ashkenazi Jewish Community of Buenos Aires, was named after him.

[Efraim Zadoff (2nd ed.)]

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