views updated May 11 2018

stra·te·gic / strəˈtējik/ • adj. relating to the identification of long-term or overall aims and interests and the means of achieving them: the company should take strategic actions to cope with fundamental changes in the environment strategic planning for the organization is the responsibility of top management. ∎  carefully designed or planned to serve a particular purpose or advantage: alarms are positioned at strategic points around the prison. ∎  relating to the gaining of overall or long-term military advantage: New Orleans was of strategic importance a hazard to British strategic and commercial interests. ∎  (of human or material resources) essential in fighting a war: the strategic forces on Russian territory. ∎  (of bombing or weapons) done or for use against industrial areas and communication centers of enemy territory as a long-term military objective: strategic nuclear missiles. Often contrasted with tactical.DERIVATIVES: stra·te·gi·cal adj.stra·te·gi·cal·ly / -ik(ə)lē/ adv. a strategically placed mirror.