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staunch1 / stônch; stänch/ • adj. 1. loyal and committed in attitude: a staunch supporter of the antinuclear lobby a staunch Catholic. 2. (of a wall) of strong or firm construction. ∎  (also stanch) archaic (of a ship) watertight. DERIVATIVES: staunch·ly adv. staunch·ness n. staunch2 • v. variant spelling of stanch1 .

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staunch •Romansh •blanch, Blanche, branch, ranch, tranche •avalanche •backbench, bench, blench, clench, Dench, drench, entrench, French, frontbench, quench, stench, tench, trench, wench, wrench •crossbench • workbench •cinch, clinch, finch, flinch, inch, lynch, Minch, pinch, squinch, winch •chaffinch • greenfinch • hawfinch •goldfinch • bullfinch •carte blanche, conch •graunch, haunch, launch, paunch, raunch, staunch •brunch, bunch, crunch, hunch, lunch, munch, punch, scrunch •honeybunch • keypunch

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staunch2, stanch2, watertight; strong, firm XV; (of a sporting dog) reliable XVI; standing firm XVII. — OF. estanche, fem. of estanc, used as m. XIV (mod. étanche); see STANCH1.

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