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point-blank • adj. & adv. (of a shot, bullet, or other missile) fired from very close to its target. ∎  [as adj.] (of the range of a shot, bullet, or other missile) so close as to allow no possibility of missing: the weapon was inaccurate beyond point-blank range. ∎  (of a statement or question) blunt and direct; without explanation or qualification: [as adj.] this point-blank refusal to discuss the issue | [as adv.] he refuses point-blank to be photographed or give interviews.

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point-blankankh, bank, blank, clank, crank, dank, drank, embank, flank, franc, frank, hank, lank, outflank, outrank, Planck, plank, point-blank, prank, rank, sank, shank, shrank, spank, stank, swank, tank, thank, wank, yank •sandbank • piggy bank • mountebank •fog bank • mudbank • Bundesbank •databank • riverbank • Burbank •greenshank • sheepshank •scrimshank • Cruikshank •think tank • Franck • Eysenck •bethink, blink, brink, chink, cinque, clink, dink, drink, fink, Frink, gink, ink, interlink, jink, kink, link, mink, pink, plink, prink, rink, shrink, sink, skink, slink, stink, sync, think, wink, zinc •rinky-dink • Humperdinck • iceblink •cufflink • bobolink • Maeterlinck •lip-sync • countersink • doublethink •kiddiewink •tiddlywink (US tiddledywink) •hoodwink

views updated

point-blank referring to a shot or bullet fired from very close to its target (blank probably ‘the white spot in the centre of a target’).
ask someone point-blank ask directly.

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