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heav·y / ˈhevē/ • adj. (heav·i·er , heav·i·est ) 1. of great weight; difficult to lift or move: the pan was too heavy for me to carry. ∎  used in questions about weight: how heavy is it? ∎  (of a class of thing) above the average weight; large of its kind: heavy artillery. ∎  weighed down; full of something: branches heavy with blossoms. ∎  (of a person's head or eyes) feeling weighed down by weariness: a heavy head. ∎  Physics of or containing atoms of an isotope of greater than the usual mass. See also heavy water. 2. of great density; thick or substantial: heavy gray clouds a heavy blanket. ∎  (of food or a meal) hard to digest; too filling. ∎  (of ground or soil) hard to travel over or work with because muddy or full of clay. ∎  not delicate or graceful; coarse: he had a big mustache and heavy features. ∎  moving slowly or with difficulty: steering that is heavy when parking. ∎  (of a smell) overpowering: the air was heavy with the sweet odor of apples. ∎  (of the sky) full of dark clouds; oppressive: a heavy thundery sky. 3. of more than the usual size, amount, or force: rush hour traffic was heavy and I was delayed. ∎  doing something to excess: a heavy smoker. ∎  (heavy on) using a lot of: stories heavy on melodrama. 4. striking or falling with force: a heavy blow to the head we had heavy overnight rain. ∎  causing a strong impact: a heavy fall. ∎  (of music, esp. rock) having a strong bass component and a forceful rhythm. 5. needing much physical effort: long hours and heavy work. ∎  mentally oppressive; hard to endure: a heavy burden of responsibility. ∎  important or serious: a heavy discussion. ∎  (of a literary work) hard to read or understand because overly serious or difficult. ∎  feeling or expressing grief: I left him with a heavy heart. ∎ inf. (of a situation) serious and hard to deal with: things were getting pretty heavy. ∎ inf. (of a person) strict or harsh: the police were really getting heavy. • n. (pl. heav·ies) 1. a thing, such as a vehicle, that is large or heavy of its kind. ∎ inf. a large, strong man, esp. one hired for protection: I needed money to pay off the heavies. ∎  an important person: music business heavies. 2. a villainous role or actor in a book, movie, etc.: we've got to have this guy play the heavy. • adv. heavily: his words hung heavy in the air DERIVATIVES: heav·i·ly / ˈhevəlē/ adv. heav·i·ness n. heav·y·ish adj.

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Heavy ★★★ 1994 (R)

Sensitive character study supported by an excellent ensemble, led by Vince as Victor, an obese, painfully withdrawn, 30-ish cook. He lives with his domineering mother (a subdued Winters) and helps her run their roadside diner, along with veteran waitress Delores (Harry). Then beautiful teenager Callie (Tyler) is hired and Victor develops a suitably massive crush. Tyler is all pout and promise as Callie, making it clear why a guy like Victor could fall hard for her. Harry brings a rich cynical and sexual edge to Delores. Director Mangold's feature debut is both eloquent and economical, though at times paced to a near stand-still. 104m/C VHS, DVD . Pruitt Taylor Vince, Shelley Winters, Liv Tyler, Deborah Harry, Evan Dando, Joe Grifasi; D: James Mangold; W: James Mangold; C: Michael Barrow; M: Thurston Moore. Sundance ‘95: Special Jury Prize.

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heavynavvy, savvy •ave, Garvey, Harvey, larvae, Mojave •bevvy, bevy, Chevy, heavy, levee, Levi, levy, top-heavy •envy •cavy, Davy, Devi, gravy, navy, slavey, venae cavae, wavy •bivvy, chivvy, civvy, divvy, Livy, privy, skivvy, spivvy •Sylvie • ivy • grovy •groovy, movie •covey, lovey, lovey-dovey, luvvy •anchovy • Muscovy • Pahlavi •curvy, Nervi, nervy, scurvy, topsy-turvy

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heavy OE. hefiġ = OS. heƀig (Du. hevig), OHG. hebig, ON. hofugr :- Gmc. *χaƀuʒa-, *χaƀiʒa-, f. *χaƀiz (OE. hefe) weight, f. *χaƀjan HEAVE; see -Y1.

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