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gun·ner / ˈgənər/ • n. 1. a serviceman who operates or specializes in guns, in particular: ∎  hist. a naval warrant officer in charge of a ship's guns, gun crews, and ordnance stores. ∎  a member of an aircraft crew who operates a gun, esp. (formerly) in a gun turret on a bomber. 2. a person who hunts game with a gun.

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gunner gunner's daughter the gun to which a sailor, especially a boy serving on a warship, was lashed for flogging (see also kiss the gunner's daughter).

See also the cobbler to his last and the gunner to his linstock.

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gunnerCorunna, front-runner, gunner, oner, punner, runner, scunner, stunner •columnar • guv'nor • forerunner •roadrunner • gunrunner

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