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dis·patch / disˈpach/ (also des·patch) • v. [tr.] 1. send off to a destination or for a purpose: he dispatched messages back to base | [tr.] the mayor dispatched 150 police officers to restore order. 2. deal with (a task, problem, or opponent) quickly and efficiently: they dispatched the opposition. ∎  kill: he dispatched the animal with one blow. • n. 1. the sending of someone or something to a destination or for a purpose: a resolution authorizing the dispatch of a peacekeeping force. ∎  speed in action: the situation might change, so he should proceed with dispatch. 2. an official report on state or military affairs: in his battle dispatch he described the gunner's bravery. ∎  a report sent in by a newspaper's correspondent from a faraway place. 3. the killing of someone or something: the legendary dispatch of villains by a hero. DERIVATIVES: dis·patch·er n.

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dispatch, despatch vb. XVI. — It. dispacciare or Sp. despachar, f. dis-, des- DIS- 2 + base of It. impacciare hinder, stop, Sp. empachar impede, embarrass; of uncert. orig.
Hence (or f. It. dispaccio, Sp. despacho) dispatch, despatch sb. XVI.

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dispatch the Dispatch Box a box in the British House of Commons for official documents next to which Ministers stand when speaking.
mentioned in dispatches distinguished by having one's actions commended in an official military dispatch.