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daz·zle / ˈdazəl/ • v. [tr.] (of a bright light) blind (a person) temporarily. ∎ fig. amaze or overwhelm (someone) with a particular impressive quality: dazzled by the beauty of the exhibition. • n. brightness that confuses someone's vision temporarily: [in sing.] a dazzle of green and red spotlights. DERIVATIVES: daz·zle·ment n.

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dazzlebasil, bedazzle, dazzle, frazzle, razzle •damsel • razzle-dazzle • Basel •bezel, embezzle •Denzil •appraisal, hazel, nasal, phrasal •wych hazel •diesel, easel, teasel, weasel •chisel, drizzle, fizzle, frizzle, grizzle, mizzle, pizzle, sizzle, swizzle, twizzle •reprisal, revisal •nozzle, shemozzle •acausal, causal, clausal, menopausal, monocausal •arousal, carousal, espousal, spousal, tousle •disposal, proposal •accusal, bamboozle, foozle, ouzel, perusal, refusal •guzzle, muzzle, nuzzle, puzzle •mangel-wurzel

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dazzle †lose distinctness of vision XV; confuse the vision of XVI. Late ME. dasele, f. dase DAZE +-LE 3.

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