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daze / dāz/ • v. [tr.] (usu. be dazed) make (someone) unable to think or react properly; stupefy; bewilder. • n. [in sing.] a state of stunned confusion or bewilderment: he was walking around in a daze. DERIVATIVES: daz·ed·ly / ˈdāzidlē/ adv.

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dazeablaze, amaze, appraise, baize, Blaise, blaze, braise, broderie anglaise, chaise, craze, daze, écossaise, erase, faze, gaze, glaze, graze, Hayes, Hays, haze, laze, liaise, lyonnaise, maize, malaise, Marseillaise, mayonnaise, Mays, maze, phase, phrase, polonaise, praise, prase, raise, raze, upraise •nowadays • polyphase • multiphase •stargaze • amylase • periclase •underglaze • manes • lipase •catchphrase •conquistadores, mores, señores •polymerase • paraphrase •chrysoprase • lactase • equites •Gervaise • endways • edgeways •eques • breadthways • lengthways •leastways • widthways • anyways •sideways • longways • crossways •always

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daze benumb the senses of. XIV. First in pp. dased — ON. pp. dasaðr weary or exhausted from cold or exertion (cf. Icel. dasask refl. become exhausted, dasi lazy fellow, Sw. dasa lie idle).

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