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break·a·way / ˈbrākəˌwā/ • n. 1. a divergence or radical change from something established or long standing: rock was a breakaway from pop. ∎  a secession of a number of people from an organization, typically following conflict or disagreement and resulting in the establishment of a new organization: [as adj.] the breakaway republic. 2. Sports a sudden attack or forward movement, esp. in a bicycle race or in hockey or football.


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Breakaway ★ 1995 (R)

Myra (Thompson) decides to get away from her drop-woman job with $300,000 of mob money. Naturally, she's pursued by a hit man (Estevez) and then betrayed by a boyfriend (De Rose), who steals the cash and hides it in the apartment of the other woman he's seeing (Harding). Thompson does fine but to describe Harding's debut performance as wooden is to be very, very kind. 94m/C VHS . Teri Thompson, Joe Estevez, Chris De Rose, Tonya Harding, Tony Noakes, Rick Beatty, Michael Garganese; D: Sean Dash; W: Sean Dash, Eric Gardner; C: Carlos Montaner; M: Robert Wait.