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annihilate •circumvallate • bedplate • template •breastplate • nameplate • faceplate •chelate • fishplate • sibilate • jubilate •flagellate • legislate • invigilate •assimilate, dissimilate •depilate, epilate •fibrillate •correlate, intercorrelate •vacillate • tessellate • oscillate •cantillate •hyperventilate, ventilate •titillate • scintillate • constellate •mutilate • oblate • hotplate •electroplate • bookplate • footplate •congratulate •confabulate, tabulate •ambulate, circumambulate, perambulate •adulate • coagulate •strangulate, triangulate •ejaculate •calculate, miscalculate •emasculate • granulate • encapsulate •regulate • speculate • emulate •infibulate • acidulate •articulate, gesticulate, matriculate •simulate, stimulate •manipulate, stipulate •insulate • capitulate •discombobulate • modulate •flocculate, inoculate •osculate •copulate, populate •expostulate, postulate •ovulate • formulate • ululate •accumulate, cumulate •undulate • pustulate • circulate •lanceolate •annihilate, violate •number plate • fingerplate • escalate •percolate • immolate •crenellate (US crenelate) •extrapolate • copperplate •interpellate, interpolate •desolate • insufflate • isolate •apostolate • contemplate

views updated

an·ni·hi·late / əˈnī-əˌlāt/ • v. [tr.] destroy utterly; obliterate: a crusade to annihilate evil. ∎  defeat utterly: the stronger force annihilated its opponent. ∎  Physics convert (a subatomic particle) into radiant energy. DERIVATIVES: an·ni·hi·la·tor / -ˌlātər/ n. an·ni·hi·la·tion / əˌnīəˈlāshən/ n.

views updated

annihilate XVI. Superseded †annihil (XV) — (O)F. annihiler — late L. annihilāre (f. AN-1 + nihil nothing, NIL), from the pp. of which was derived the pp. annihilate (XIV), whence the inf. form; see -ATE2.
So annihilation XVII.