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ne·go·ti·ate / nəˈgōshēˌāt/ • v. 1. [intr.] try to reach an agreement or compromise by discussion with others: his government's willingness to negotiate. ∎  [tr.] obtain or bring about by negotiating: he negotiated a new contract with the sellers. 2. [tr.] find a way over or through (an obstacle or difficult path): there was a puddle to be negotiated. 3. [tr.] transfer (a check, bill, or other document) to the legal ownership of another person. ∎  convert (a check) into cash. DERIVATIVES: ne·go·ti·ant / -sh(ē)ənt/ n. ( archaic ). ne·go·ti·a·tor / -ˌātər/ n.

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negotiate •labiate •irradiate, radiate •mediate • ideate • repudiate •palliate, retaliate •affiliate, ciliate, conciliate, humiliate •exfoliate, foliate •nucleate • permeate • delineate •calumniate • expiate •expatriate, repatriate •recreate • inebriate •aureate, excoriate •procreate •appropriate, expropriate, impropriate, misappropriate •infuriate, luxuriate •asphyxiate • nauseate •annunciate, enunciate •instantiate, substantiate, transubstantiate •differentiate, potentiate •expatiate, ingratiate, satiate •appreciate, depreciate •initiate, officiate, propitiate, vitiate •associate, dissociate, negotiate •excruciate • aviate •abbreviate, alleviate, deviate •obviate • exuviate • inchoate •actuate • perpetuate • effectuate •habituate • fluctuate • punctuate •graduate • individuate • menstruate •accentuate, eventuate •evacuate •evaluate, valuate •superannuate • infatuate •attenuate, extenuate •insinuate • situate

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negotiate hold conference (with) XVI; manage; convert into money XVII; (orig. in hunting) succeed in getting over, etc., clear XIX. f. pp. stem of L. negōtiāri carry on business, f. negōtium business, f. neg- + ōtium leisure; see NO3, OTIOSE, -ATE3.
So negotiation XVI. — L.

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To conduct business transactions; to deal with another individual in regard to a purchase and sale; to bargain or trade. To conclude by way of agreement, bargain, or compact. To transfer a negotiable instrument, such as a promissory note, or othercommercial paper.

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