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views updated

in·ure / iˈn(y)oŏr/ (also en·ure) • v. 1. [tr.] (usu. be inured to) accustom (someone) to something, esp. something unpleasant: these children have been inured to violence. 2. [intr.] (enure for/to) Law come into operation; take effect: a release given to one of two joint contractors inures to the benefit of both. DERIVATIVES: in·ure·ment n.

views updated

inure accustom, habituate XV; †put into operation; (leg.) come into operation XVI. — AN. *eneurer, f. phr. *en eure in use or practice, i.e. en IN1, *eure work (:- L. opera; see OPERA).

views updated


To result; to take effect; to be of use, benefit, or advantage to an individual.

For example, when a will makes the provision that all personal property is to inure to the benefit of a certain individual, such an individual is given the right to receive all the personal property owned by the testator upon his or her death.

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