Invalides, Hôtel des

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Hôtel des Invalides (ōtĕl´ dāzăNvälēd´), celebrated landmark of Paris, France, built (1671–76) by Libéral Bruant as a hospital for disabled veterans. One of the most imposing examples of French classical architecture, it now houses a military museum. It faces the vast Esplanade des Invalides. Behind it, in the court of honor, is the church and Dôme des Invalides (1679–1706), the masterpiece of J. H. Mansart. Under the huge, yet seemingly weightless, dome are the tombs of Vauban, Turenne, Foch, and others. The remains of Napoleon I, brought (1840) in great pomp from St. Helena, were transferred there on completion of the crypt in 1861.