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dis·hon·or / disˈänər/ (Brit. dis·hon·our) • n. a state of shame or disgrace: the incident brought dishonor upon the police. • v. [tr.] 1. bring shame or disgrace on: the mayor dishonors his good battle by resorting to sniping. ∎ archaic violate the chastity of (a woman); rape. 2. fail to observe or respect (an agreement or principle): the community has its own principles it can itself honor or dishonor. ∎  refuse to accept or pay (a check or a promissory note).

views updated


To refuse to accept or pay a draft or to pay a promissory note when duly presented. An instrument is dishonored when a necessary or optional presentment is made and due acceptance or payment is refused, or cannot be obtained within the prescribed time, or in case of bank collections, the instrument is seasonably returned by the midnight deadline; or presentment is excused and the instrument is not duly accepted or paid. Includes the insurer of a letter of credit refusing to pay or accept a draft or demand for payment.

As respects the flag, to deface or defile, imputing a lively sense of shaming or an equivalent acquiescent callousness.

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