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councilhassle, Kassel, passel, tassel, vassal •axel, axle •cancel, hansel, Hänsel, Mansell •transaxle •castle, metatarsal, parcel, tarsal •chancel • sandcastle • Newcastle •Bessel, nestle, pestle, redressal, trestle, vessel, wrestle •Edsel • Texel •intercensal, pencil, stencil •pretzel • staysail • mainsail • Wiesel •abyssal, bristle, epistle, gristle, missal, scissel, thistle, whistle •pixel • plimsoll •tinsel, windsail •schnitzel, spritsail •Birtwistle •paradisal, sisal, trysail •apostle, colossal, dossal, fossil, glossal, jostle, throstle •consul, proconsul, tonsil •dorsal, morsel •council, counsel, groundsel •Mosul • fo'c's'le, forecastle •bustle, hustle, muscle, mussel, Russell, rustle, tussle •gunsel • corpuscle •disbursal, dispersal, Purcell, rehearsal, reversal, succursal, tercel, transversal, traversal, universal •Herzl

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coun·cil / ˈkounsəl/ • n. an advisory, deliberative, or legislative body of people formally constituted and meeting regularly. ∎  a body of people elected to manage the affairs of a city, county, or other municipal district. ∎  an ecclesiastical assembly. ∎  an assembly or meeting for consultation or advice: that evening, she held a family council.

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council XII. — AN. cuncile, concilie — L. concilium convocation, assembly, f. CON- + calāre call, summon, rel. to Gr. kaleîn call. In form and meaning blended at an early date with counsel, but differentiation began XVI.
So councillor XIV; alt. of COUNSELLOR by assim. to council.

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A legislative body of local government. A group of persons who, whether elected or appointed, serve as representatives of the public to establish state or municipal policies and to assist the chief executive of the government unit in the performance of duties.

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an assembly elected or appointed to administer a county, district, or city; the governing body of various professions, institutions, societies, etc.

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