Coulson, Juanita

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COULSON, Juanita

COULSON, Juanita. American, b. 1933. Genres: Romance/Historical, Science fiction/Fantasy, Westerns/Adventure. Career: Publr., Forum mag., Science Fiction Writers of America, 1971-72. Publications: SCIENCE FICTION: Crisis on Cheiron, 1967; The Singing Stones, 1968; Unto the Last Generation, 1975; Space Trap, 1976; Tomorrow's Heritage, 1981; Outward Bound, 1982; Legacy of Earth, 1989; The Past of Forever, 1989; Star Sister, 1990. FANTASY: The Web of Wizardry, 1978; The Death God's Citadel, 1980; Cold, Hard Silver, 1994; A Matter of Faith, 1995; Shadows over Scorpio, 2004; Avenger, 2004. OTHER: The Secret of Seven Oaks, 1972; Door into Terror, 1972; Stone of Blood, 1975; Fear Stalks the Bayou, 1976; Intersection Point, 1976; Dark Priestess, 1977; Fire of the Andes, 1979. Address: 227 Toland St, London, OH 43140-1556, U.S.A.

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Coulson, Juanita

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