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be·low / biˈlō/ • prep. 1. extending underneath: the tunnel below the crags cables running below the floorboards hanging space below a top storage shelf. 2. at a lower level or layer than: just below the pocket was a stain blistered skin below his collar. ∎  lower in grade or rank than: they rated its financial soundness below its competitor's. 3. lower than (a specified amount, rate, or norm): below average. • adv. at a lower level or layer: he jumped from the window into the moat below. ∎  under the surface of the water: trout lying more than 20 feet below. ∎  on earth: deflections of the stars from their proper orbits with fatal results here below. ∎  in hell: traitors gnash their teeth below. ∎  lower than zero (esp. zero degrees Fahrenheit) in temperature: there's a north wind blowing, and it's 30 below. ∎  (in printed text) mentioned later or further down on the same page: our nutritionist is pictured below right the most common methods are shown below. ∎  Naut. below deck: I'll go below and fix us a drink.

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Below ★★½ 2002 (R)

Nothing is certain in director David Twohy's creepy submarine thriller. The captain of World War II sub U.S.S. Manta has died under dubious circumstances, and the crew is already on edge when they rescue three survivors of a torpedoed British hospital ship. When one of these survivors is a woman (Williams), allegedly unlucky on a sub, tensions run even higher. With the Germans tracking the sub, strange events begin to occur, which could be vengeful actions of the captain's ghost, a saboteur, hallucinations caused by lack of oxygen or some combination of the three. As the disasters pile up, the crew becomes divided between acting captain Brice (Greenwood) and rebellious ensign O'Dell (Davis), who has the strangely outspoken Claire on his side. Characters are a bit one-dimensional, but the effects and acting are above average for a B movie. 103m/C VHS, DVD . US Bruce Greenwood, Matthew Davis, Olivia Williams, Holt McCallany, Scott Foley, Zach Galifianakis, Jason Flemyng, Dexter Fletcher, Nicholas Chinlund, Andrew Howard, Christopher Fairbank; D: David N. Twohy; W: David N. Twohy, Darren Aronofsky, Lucas Sussman; C: Ian Wilson; M: Graeme Revell.

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belowaglow, ago, alow, although, apropos, art nouveau, Bamako, Bardot, beau, Beaujolais Nouveau, below, bestow, blow, bo, Boileau, bons mots, Bordeaux, Bow, bravo, bro, cachepot, cheerio, Coe, crow, Defoe, de trop, doe, doh, dos-à-dos, do-si-do, dough, dzo, Flo, floe, flow, foe, foreknow, foreshow, forgo, Foucault, froe, glow, go, good-oh, go-slow, grow, gung-ho, Heathrow, heave-ho, heigh-ho, hello, ho, hoe, ho-ho, jo, Joe, kayo, know, lo, low, maillot, malapropos, Marceau, mho, Miró, mo, Mohs, Monroe, mot, mow, Munro, no, Noh, no-show, oh, oho, outgo, outgrow, owe, Perrault, po, Poe, pro, quid pro quo, righto, roe, Rouault, row, Rowe, sew, shew, show, sloe, slow, snow, so, soh, sow, status quo, stow, Stowe, strow, tally-ho, though, throw, tic-tac-toe, to-and-fro, toe, touch-and-go, tow, trow, undergo, undersow, voe, whacko, whoa, wo, woe, Xuzhou, yo, yo-ho-ho, Zhengzhou, Zhou

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below below the belt unfair or unfairly; disregarding the rules, from the notion of an unfair and illegal blow in boxing.
below the salt at the lower end of the table, among the less distinguished guests; a large salt-cellar (the salt), often made of precious metal, was traditionally placed in the middle of a long dining-table, marking the division between those regarded as more or less favoured guests.

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In an inferior, subordinate, or lower place in regard to any entity.

A court below is a lower court through which a case has passed. A case is removed for review from the court below to the court above, or a higher court. The forum where a lawsuit is initially brought is called an inferior court, or the court below.

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below XIV (rare before XVI). f. BE- + LOW1.

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